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The lawyer Enrico Benedetto graduated in Bari at the University "Aldo Moro" in 2001, enrolled in the order of the lawyers of Foggia has matured in his multi-faceted civilization experience different skills in various institutions of law.

Following the lawyer Benedetto is also licenciado en derecho also in the kingdom of Spain enrolling in the register of Spanish abogados and practicing in the whole kingdom of Spain and qualified to practice in the whole of South America.

In 2013 he obtained the qualification of European lawyer qualified at the highest European courts of justice and at the international human rights tribunal located in Strasbourg.


In the various practices dealt with in these years the lawyer Benedict has interacted with various institutional entities and clients of many European countries and South America, knowing the mechanisms of Spanish law and of all the countries of South America and the Francophone countries.

He counts several collaborators in Spain including the autonomous region of the Canary Islands, Lux, France, Colombia, Venezuela, Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay. The law firm Benedetto is at the forefront in the use of digital technologies for this reason it is able to operate on an international scale while maintaining the costs of managing practices at reasonable prices, always respecting the client and the forensic deontology of the nations in which it operates.


Lawyer Benedetto obviously speaks fluent Spanish, French, English, and Portuguese, clearly writing deeds in their respective languages. The Benedetto Law Firm is specialized in these matters: road accidents, compensation for road accidents and death, compensation for cases of medical negligence and insurance expert on the whole European and South American territory, succession and issues of inheritance divisions, interacting with the best notary firms, expert in banking and financial law with a deep knowledge of credit mechanisms for households and companies, carries out cleanups at the European credit risk centers, makes credit recoveries at all levels from the national and abroad, specialized in family law care for separations and divorces, family reunification, practices for obtaining citizenship in the aforementioned countries. In the civil field, its scope includes national and international contracts, labor law and assistance for the establishment of companies both in Italy and abroad. The lawyer. Benedetto is also a criminal lawyer in Italy and Spain and has good credentials in the various embassies of the countries mentioned. In his study activity he also dealt with administrative law issues with appeals to the TAR and the Italian Council of State. In the multifaceted legal preparation and knowledge of the good offices in the various branches of law has also in the last decade deeply known the administrative machine in the municipalities and municipalities Italo-Spanish exercising the role of performance evaluation in different institutions. Its action has also been pushed towards the green economy, taking care of the juridical aspect and the profitability of different plants that exploit renewable energies. At the base of its action there is always the customer and the company because there is mutual growth if there is no interaction capable of bringing out the best energies, guarantee of resolution and success in the various controversies of living in sociality.

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