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About me in short

The lawyer Enrico Benedetto graduated in Bari at the University "Aldo Moro" in 2001, enrolled in the order of the lawyers of Foggia has matured in his multi-faceted civilization experience different skills in various institutions of law.

Following the lawyer Benedetto is also licenciado en derecho also in the kingdom of Spain enrolling in the register of Spanish abogados and practicing in the whole kingdom of Spain and qualified to practice in the whole of South America.

Fields of experience

  • Civil right
  • Diritto amministrativo
  • Commercial law
  • Insurance law
  • Criminal Law
  • Community law
  • International law
  • Employment Law

Common questions

Avv. Enrico Benedetto

1Is it possible to receive an online consultation?

For precise choice derived from experience, we have decided to provide online and anonymous advice to new customers

Obviously, nothing excludes that this first contact, even if losing that part of communication that only a presence of a person can give, can take place by telematic means, such as Skype videoconferencing.

2I have a lawsuit in a city other than his studio, can you defend me?

Of course, we can defend anyone in any area of ​​the national territory

The lawyer Benedetto listens to you, understands your legal position, decides with you the most convenient procedural strategy and draws up the deeds

3Which subjects are treated?

For purely illustrative purposes, here are the most discussed subjects:

compensation for damages to the person (from road accident, accident at work, medical liability, aggression and other) tax litigation (appeals to tax commissions against notices of assessment, settlement, etc.) family law (separations, divorces, custody of children, maintenance and maintenance allowances, disqualifications, incapacitation, support administrations and related issues, recognition and disregard of paternity) inheritance disputes and judgments of division between heir, assistance in drafting a valid testament of real rights (disputes relating to ownership and possession of assets property) condominium disputes (recovery of unpaid shares for administrations, disputes with the administrator and other condominiums) rental rights (eviction of defaulting tenants, claim for damages, payment orders with recovery of arrearage, protection of eviction) criminal law (defense of investigated subjects, protection of victims of crime, plea bargaining and alternative solutions, Public utility work in place of penalties for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, with shortening of the period of suspension of the license) social security law (judicial protection of rights in respect of social insurances such as INPS and INAIL) debt collection of the most varied origin assistance in executive and real estate processes protection of consumer rights and privacy opposition to administrative sanctions, including road traffic

4How much does it cost to be defended?

Our primordial advice is free.

Subsequently, if the assignment to the blessed law firm is conferred, reference will be made to the legal rates established by law.

5How do I request advice?

Just go to the contact area and fill out the form. It will be our responsibility to respond to every request

Enrico Benedetto


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